Alleantia and Actyx: together to accelerate the digitalization of industries

Jun 5, 2020 10:48:44 AM / by Alleantia Guru


● The digitalization of the industrial sector is lagging behind: the Covid 19 crisis has revealed the technological, organizational and cultural gaps linked to the adoption of digital innovation in companies. Concerns about the high costs and long durations of the project prevent the process.

● Actyx simplifies digitization with a specially developed platform. In addition, the first app store for the sale of software for factory activities made by independent developers will follow

● Thanks to the collaboration with Alleantia, Actyx can now offer a first standard app on its platform. An important step to create the software solutions marketplace.


All of Europe is going through a time of difficulty and uncertainty due to COVID-19. To emerge from the stronger crisis and remain competitive internationally, manufacturing companies must now focus on digitization, says Achim Berg, president of Bitkom (German association of reference for ICT companies). So far, however, many companies have not started digitization projects, considering them complex and excessively expensive due to the long time required for their implementation. Hence the need for collaboration between Alleantia and Actyx.


The mission of this partnership? Making the digitization of factories even easier and faster. For this reason, Actyx has developed a platform based on edge computing that creates a framework to make digital transformation projects quickly achievable. The platform is already successfully used by various companies, including Peri, the world's leading manufacturer of scaffolds, and Klöckner, the German group among the leading global distributors of steel and metal materials. The Fraunhofer Institute also relies on the Actyx solution for its research on Industry 4.0.

To support manufacturing companies even more in the future, Actyx wants to create the first independent app store for industrial software. The German company has now reached a first milestone on the path towards this exclusive and important goal: the first standard app on the Actyx platform - through a collaboration with Alleantia. Alleantia IIoT gateways can now be easily and directly integrated by Actyx users.

The Italian software house simplifies the integration of industrial plants in plug-and-play mode, making integration, often complex and time-consuming, of machines, production lines and systems simple and quick. Alleantia already offers "out-of-the-box" integration for over 5000 industrial devices, CNC, PLC and is continuously expanding its Library of Things. From now on, the Alleantia software can be purchased and activated via the Actyx platform and used directly. In the future many more apps will be available on the Actyx marketplace.

Stefano Linari, CEO and President of Alleantia: "We are delighted to be working with Actyx, sharing a common vision. The Actyx platform provides an ideal basis for creating Industry 4.0 applications fast and useful for many manufacturing companies and application sectors. The Alleantia software will support these applications, allowing easy management of integration with any old and new machine and industrial equipment. "

Oliver Stollmann, CEO of Actyx: "In the future, manufacturing companies will be able to download software exactly as an app, without any effort. The collaboration with Alleantia is a milestone in the direction of creating an app marketplace. But together we will achieve an even bigger goal: to create high added value IoT integrations for the end customer, developing simple solutions, quick to implement and with an extremely competitive cost ".



About Actyx

Munich-based software startup Actyx was founded in 2016 by Oliver Stollmann, Maximilian Fischer and Dr. Roland Kuhn. Together they specialized in the digitization of the main manufacturing companies. To do this, they developed software that creates autonomous communication between man and machine. In the meantime, the team around the founders has grown to 25 employees. Actyx software is already used in 15 factories around the world to optimize their processes and increase efficiency. Actyx's goal is to support manufacturing companies around the world to reach the full potential of their machines and production processes.


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