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Alleantia at the virtual event Automation and Robotics 2020

Sep 25, 2020 4:33:37 PM / by Alleantia Guru


Alleantia debuts as the first IoT Integration platform at the virtual event "Automation and Robotics 2020".

Automation and Robotics 2020 is not just a simple Web Conference, but a 360° VIRTUAL PROJECT, with totally free access, structured in a way as to have different levels of involvement for both companies and participants.

The Integrated Automation magazine and the Tecniche Nuove publishing house have decided once more to propose the appointment with the world of robotics and automation for the year 2020, this time with an INNOVATIVE VIRTUAL CONFERENCE FORMULA lasting 90 days.

Visitors will be welcomed inside a virtual hall where all the stands will be visible. By clicking on the various logos you will enter the stand and by clicking on the different buttons you will have the chance to see exclusive content that will vary each month.

Alleantia's IoT technology is the beating heart of the digital transformation of every industrial business.

Founded in 2011, Alleantia is internationally known for its software solutions applied to the "Industrial Internet of Things”.

Conceived and built to offer scalability and profitability, Alleantia allows each company to achieve maximum efficiency, thanks to an absolute convergence between OT and IT, as well as a wide ecosystem of certified partners (application developers, system integrators, IoT platforms) and its partnerships with the main global players in the IT world. Alleantia is the first IoT Integration platform that allows a plug & play connection of any industrial device or production line with any on-premise or in-cloud IT infrastructure (eg. Azure from Microsoft or AWS from Amazon), a management of IoT edge gateways and remote installation / updating of the Alleantia software, a proprietary library with 5000 ready-to-use drivers and much more.

Furthermore, Alleantia achieves high performances in terms of data acquisition, which then manages and interprets to enable partner-value applications in the on prem and in cloud environment, all combined with IT security and technical engineering support appreciated both in Italy and abroad.

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These are some of the contents chosen by Alleantia for the first month.


TeleControllo 4.0: the latest innovation from Alleantia


The latest product innovation at Alleantia is called TeleControllo 4.0: the safe solution, in IT terms, which allows you to remotely operate directly on the controllers (PLC, CNC, PAC) for technical assistance interventions and for asset monitoring and that has the typical Industrial IoT interconnection functions of the Alleantia software edge. An absolute novelty for the sector. In the latest release of its ISC 5.0 software, Alleantia integrates the first remote control platform in a 4.0 key, with IoT potential, which protects against possible security breaches and data leaks. Remote Control 4.0 by Alleantia is able to offer to owners and manufacturers of industrial machines an absolute security in terms of remote intervention thanks to the centralized control and traceability of access and authorizations, in real time, to the machinery controllers.



● Centralized Control

● Access both on request and automatically

● Available as software or on secured hardware



● Access Notification

 Access Traceability

 Authorizations Traceability



 Alarm Notification

 Automatic access in faulty events

 Interfaceable with external control systems


 Multivendor VPN solution

 Usable for any PLC / CNC / PAC

 Suitable for any programming software



 Compatibility with existing VPN networks

 Universal platform for IoT and remote control

 Installable on any hardware and operating system



 Reduced cost per connected device

 No need for dedicated hardware

 Remote control (TeleControllo) that can be integrated with IoT Alleantia


To find out more about Alleantia's TeleControllo 4.0 contact us.



OPC-UA Server.

Do you want to collect and view all the data generated by your machines in real time?

Alleantia's OPC-UA plugin is able to standardize the data from your machines, facilitating their interconnection with the most modern IT applications. Among the most appreciated features of the latest version of the Alleantia ISC 5.0.1 Software, the OPC-UA plugin allows you to collect the IoT operating data from different machines speaking different industrial protocols, to ultimately uniform them and make them intelligible by different managerial systems, business applications and cloud platforms.


Do you want to find out more about Alleantia's new OPC-UA plugin? Click here


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