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Alleantia will participate in the Boomi World Tour 2019 event on October 1-3 in Washington DC as Gold Sponsor after winning the Boomi Blue Challenge in February 2019 with its Boomi-Alleantia solution for the Industrial Internet of Things applied to the naval sector.

Stefano Linari, founder and CEO of Alleantia, was invited, on the occasion of the reference event for the Boomi Community in Washington, to present, on Wednesday 2nd October, "IIoT Device Data Fuels the Seas These Days", a recent case of experimentation implemented for the Grimaldi Lines group, the multinational group operating in logistics, specialized in the operations of roll-on / roll-off ships, cargo.

A project of great innovation that has seen the technologies of Alleantia and Boomi collaborate in one of the most innovative applications of IoT in the naval sector.



"IIoT Device Data Fuels the Seas These Days", the IoT applied to the naval sector to save on costs and solve problems

After a year of close collaboration with partner Boomi, in his speech in Washington DC, the CEO of Alleantia, Stefano Linari, will talk about how, thanks to IoT technology that allows data acquisition and real-time analysis of various variables of the ship, from the navigation asset to the travel times up to the arrival and the stay on the quay and the unloading and loading operations, it is possible to optimize the navigation operations by reducing consumption, waste. In this application framework it is clear that the IoT represents an extraordinarily innovative solution for all fleet management companies.

The collaboration of Alleantia and Boomi for the experimental digital transformation of two fleets of the famous international maritime group Grimaldi was born with the aim of ensuring to the ships of the client company to obtain good performances of energy saving, in the face of the huge costs reached by the fuel in the field of maritime navigation.

Alleantia, thanks to its IoT gateway, was able to completely digitalize the ships of the Grimaldi fleets and to gather relevant information on all its technological components, including: the operating status, power and consumption of the ship's main engines and of auxiliary diesel generators. Other essential data for a correct navigation are the position of the ship in real time, the route, its way of point, the flue gas filtration systems, the level of immersion of the hull, the wind direction, the height of the sea ​​waves: all information that the Alleantia gateway is able to capture in real time. A help of great importance, the one conferred by Alleantia, which allows the captains of every type of ship, from the traditional to the hybrids, to have at all times a true and complete picture of the ship's navigation status and its consumption.

In the transformation of data into useful information, the role played by Boomi was fundamental; offshore navigation requires the use of a satellite to send data to the cloud, but climatic conditions often do not allow its optimal use. Thanks to the Boomi atom, placed directly in the Alleantia gateway, it was instead possible to convert the collected data into valuable information within a second and to send it to the cloud very quickly. The versatility of Boomi's solution also allows you to remotely customize, in a simple and fast way, the control logics sent based on the characteristics and needs of each type of ship, allowing you to carry out monitoring operations in an extremely dynamic manner.


Thanks to the IoT applied to the naval sector, it will therefore be possible to safely estimate the arrival time of each ship at its port and determine the speed that must be maintained to save fuel costs. An optimization process, all signed by Alleantia and Boomi, which exploits the power of data to contribute in a very incisive way to solving problems, even the most complex, with technologies ready for use and savings on the operating costs of each naval company.


However, the Alleantia-Boomi solution reached its maximum innovative performance with the introduction of a blockchain; a shared, unchanging and public data structure that allows multiple authorized parties to access it, with the aim of informing the docking ports of the ship's maneuvering status in real time.

"After a year of successes spent alongside our partner Dell Boomi, Washington DC will be the crowning glory of our journey together" said Stefano Linari, CEO of Alleantia. "I am honored and very excited to be able to personally participate in the Boomi World Tour 2019 and to be able to offer my contribution in this precious opportunity for learning, networking and sharing for the global community of Boomi. Alleantia team is proud to have realized, together with an excellent partner like Boomi, an innovative solution for the entire sector that is also a strong response to an urgency from the point of view of the current debate on ecology and global sustainability. "

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