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Mar 12, 2020 5:16:45 PM / by Alleantia Guru

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The Industry 4.0 project completed by Alleantia and IProd for Bosch VHIT wins the 2019 Innovation Award for industry40.


MOP, Manufacturing Optimisation Platform is the first open, free, SaaS platform with native hashtagAlleantia IIoT connectivity powered by Microsoft hashtagAzure and still used from VHIT S.P.A. (hashtagBosch group)! This is how Eng. Corrado La Forgia explains the real reasons behind the need and the innovation for an industrial IoT project like this one.


Smart manufacturing will realize the promise and potential of Industry 4.0. In many cases, a tipping point has been reached, where machine builders and manufacturers are actively engaged in implementing smart manufacturing systems.


Based on our experience in pilot projects in our own plants, we have identified seven essential features that are necessary for the implementation of Industry 4.0.


What will customers want in the future? They will demand a wider range of variants and more personalized products. Thus, future production must be able to adapt quickly to changed market requirements. Industry 4.0 is the answer to this challenge.

IProd invented the I4.0 solution called MOP (Manufacturing Optimization Platform) which is aimed at every manufacturing company, especially SMEs. The solution is based on an industrial 4.0 tablet (iProd IoT Tablet) in which the Alleantia IoT interconnection software is pre-installed and on the iProd Cloud Professional application which collects, manages and optimizes the 4 fundamental areas for the related manufacturing company: - technology production - planning and monitoring of production - preventive and extraordinary maintenance - management of purchases of materials and tools. The FREE version is available (every year: 100 work orders, 2GB of space in the cloud).


Security and safety for Industry 4.0 includes protecting people from machinery-related hazards (safety) as well as the protection of production facilities and corporate IT from attacks and faults from the surrounding environment (security). This involves securing sensitive data as well as the prevention of intentional and unintentional malfunctions.


Connected by Alleantia

iProd IoT Tablet is the first system born on the basis of IoT enabling technology for the development of production, through the simple and rapid interconnection, in an Industry 4.0 key, to any production machine using the award-winning IIoT edge connectivity software technology of Alleantia and its very rich library of over 5000 drivers, access access within the IoT Tablet. BOSCH VHIT, the company that has always been devoted to innovation, has in recent years launched a project to enhance manufacturing processes by collecting valuable data from machines with the aim of increasing productivity. The use of the iProd 4.0 tablet, installed in the BOSCH VHIT "Prototype" department, demonstrated how the iProd MOP platform, enabled by the innovative Alleantia plug & play I4.0 technology, represents a contained, scalable and accessible investment for companies manufacturing of all types and sizes, allowing to obtain an excellent increase in productivity within a few months.


Apply IoT in manufacturing to lower maintenance costs, enable new lines of business, and improve overall productivity. Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions from Intel are the secure and scalable building blocks of the smart factory, delivering intelligence to your operating assets and valuable insights from the data produced.


The Industrial IoT extends Information Technology (IT) to Operational Technology (OT), adding intelligence to manufacturing equipment, processes, and management. Smart manufacturing solutions from Intel use connected sensors and devices at the network edge to improve machine and human performance in real-time, and pass data to the cloud for deeper analysis and insights. 

Open and interoperable, Intel's IIoT technologies integrate with existing equipment to collect and analyze performance data all along your production line. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is improved in the smart factory by using networked IIoT sensors and intelligent devices to make mechanical operations more visible.

The smart factory lets manufacturers detect mechanical anomalies before they affect product quality and see even the smallest imperfections with computer vision. Industrial IoT solutions from Intel tighten quality controls, adding data analytics and intelligence throughout the production process — from the supply chain to the factory floor.


Using networked Industrial IoT sensors on the assembly line, smart manufacturing tracks key indicators of equipment wear — like vibration and temperature. Intel Atom® processor-based gateways provide real-time data analysis at the network edge, pinpointing when maintenance is needed to minimize downtime and costs.


Industrial IoT-enabled sensors, devices, and wearables alert workers in the smart factory to hazards and augment their performance in challenging environments. From offshore drilling rigs to fulfillment warehouses, IIoT solutions from Intel deliver information to connected workers that increases safety and productivity.


Thanks to iProd and Alleantia it is possible to use IoT data on machine operation in real time, implement strategies for creating new business models, generate additional added value for manufacturing micro and SMEs; the iProd industrial tablet and its Alleantia I4.0 edge enabling technology represent forms of unique revolution for the industrial market that have allowed a globally established company such as BOSCH VHIT to obtain the coveted SMAU 2019 Innovation Award. An acknowledgment that intends to reward the iProd platform "connected by Alleantia" for its ease of use and speed of adoption in the production departments and BOSCH VHIT which has always supported innovative solutions aimed at an increasingly rapid spread of the most advanced digital technologies applied to manufacturing sector.





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