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Artificial intelligence: instructions for use

Sep 14, 2021 5:46:03 PM / by Alleantia Guru

Artificial intelligence does not have an unambiguously accepted definition. This is because AI is not a stand-alone technology but a combination of different technologies that, properly orchestrated with each other, allow machines to act, almost, autonomously.
Unlike automation, AI doesn't just allow you to follow repetitive tasks but, like a human brain, it is able to learn and respond to any unexpected events.

Just like humans, AI creates patterns to organize the world around it and to perform known actions. And like humans, AI grows and improves with experience. This latter process is referred to as Machine Learning.

Machine Learning, i.e. the ability of AI to learn, is a key building block of this technology: being able to act based on data analysis and encode what action to take is what makes an automated system intelligent.

The use of Artificial Intelligence and its integration into the most complex end-to-end processes aims to optimize production: from maintenance to the actual production process.

In addition, Artificial Intelligence, can leverage data at a level that no human could ever achieve. This capability enables significant economic benefits.
Economic benefits that can only be had by properly leveraging the capabilities of this technology. Crucially, the myth of the more data you have, the better is debunked: enterprise AI needs intelligent data. The data needs to be high quality, up-to-date, relevant, and enriched.

How can I extract, quickly, and the right data from my machines?

With Alleantia's plug & play IoT technology, it is the beating heart of any industrial company's digital transformation. Designed and built to offer simplicity, scalability, reliability, and speed of deployment, Alleantia's software enables each company to achieve maximum efficiency through a complete convergence of OT and IT.

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