Industrial Digital Transformation: five good reasons to start to plan it now

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Although digitization is a process that often risks frightening, it is necessary to admit that its benefits can be unlimited.
Why delay the digital transformation of an industrial company when there is a technology like Alleantia's?


Accessible, scalable and simple to implement, capable of maximizing the productivity of any type of industrial asset, these are just some of its qualities. Don't be afraid of change, discover the five good reasons why you should immediately start the digital transformation path of your industrial company.

1. Ease of use and simplicity of installation

It is often thought that the digitization of an entire industrial plant is a long, complex and excessively expensive process and industrial transformation tends to be associated with the complete replacement of non-digital machines with those of the latest generation. Thanks to the power of the IoT, and a technology like Alleantia's, from today the digitization process can be much simpler than we imagine. The power of the Industrial IoT lies in its ease and speed of installation: simple and fast like connecting a printer to your computer, the Internet of Things allows you to interconnect the machines of each asset, from the latest generation machines to each other. non-native digital ones. Each device contains essential data which, thanks to the power of the IoT, can be translated into fundamental information which can be accessed through simple interfaces. Detailed reports that inform on the working status of the machines and that allow you to monitor production progress in real time.


2. Real-time production control

What does it mean to be able to monitor production progress in real time? Having realistic reports on the production trend and the progress of the machines is a great privilege that allows you to intervene at any time in correcting any production errors; the constant maintenance of the production allows to avoid annoying downtime and to bring every type of industrial plant to its maximum potential.


3. Increase in quality.

The direct advantage of constant production monitoring is the possibility of immediate intervention that the power of the IoT offers. Checking the progress of a job in real time means being able to intervene immediately in solving any type of production problem and therefore to create high quality products. The immediate resolution of production problems also has the consequence of saving costs and maintenance times which otherwise should be dedicated to the maintenance of industrial machinery.


3. Tax benefits 

One of the greatest benefits of Industrial IoT is that of the tax advantages that can be derived from digital transformation almost in every European country. Digitization is a consistent process with great transformations and with Alleantia technology you will not only completely update your industrial structure through the simple and quick installation of a software system on all types of machines, but you also get significant tax benefits that will make your investment completely safe.


4. Excellent long-term results guaranteed

Industrial IoT projects, such as those created by Alleantia, allow not only to check the progress of orders in real time but also to obtain exceptional long-term results. Adopting alleantia IoT technology means obtaining the highest quality, excellence and efficiency from your production by facing a fully accessible investment by any industrial company. Any concrete examples? Read here the testimony of Tastitalia, an Italian company leader in the human-machine interface sector that relying on Alleantia has managed to obtain great benefits from the complete digitalization of its asset thanks to the ability of the Alleantia ISC software to interconnect the latest generation machines with each other. non-native digital ones.



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