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Alleantia joins Boomi Technology Partner Program

Jun 27, 2022 12:59:30 PM / by Alleantia Guru


London - UK | Pisa - Italy -  20 April 2022

Alleantia, leader for its plug and play software solutions applied to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), today announces the release of the Alleantia IoT Connector on the Boomi™ AtomSphere™ platform.

Alleantia’s solution helps interconnect machines, production plants, transport systems, and all connected industrial devices to on-premises or cloud-based enterprise IT applications, across the world.

The Alleantia IoT Connector uses a powerful library composed of more than 5,000 industrial drivers, which communicate with the ecosystem of devices and multi-vendor production lines. The tool confirms the versatility and interoperability of plug and play Industry 4.0 solutions in the Industrial IoT space.

The connector can enhance how manufacturers understand and use their IoT data. With this new integration, manufacturers can connect to industrial IoT devices, simplifying the data flow between production systems and management applications such as ERP and CRM in a bidirectional way, without coding.

The Alleantia IoT Connector is designed to easily integrate and manage device data to enhance analytics. The connector absorbs data from devices and integrates it with applications, offering a complete monitoring and control system for industrial devices, single machines, and sensors. With this software stack interoperability, businesses can easily configure the integration processes that take device data from the edge and correlate it with any business applications, fully leveraging the Boomi AtomSphere Platform capabilities and the Alleantia ISC software.

Practical Applications: The Naval Sector

The Alleantia Boomi Connector has been developed and tested in the naval sector. Thanks to its IoT gateway, Alleantia was able to completely digitise the ships, gathering relevant information on all their technological components, such as operating status, power, and consumption of the ship’s main engines and auxiliary diesel generators. To further enhance essential navigation data, the connector retrieves information on the position of the ship in real time, route, waypoint, flue gas filtration systems, hull immersion level, wind direction, sea wave height, etc. Alleantia’s critical intelligence allows ship owners, independently of ship type — from traditional to hybrid propulsion system — to access at all times a true and complete picture of the ship’s navigation status and its consumption.Applied to the naval sector, the IoT makes it possible to safely estimate the arrival time of each ship at port and determine the optimal speed level to save fuel costs.

The optimization process enabled by Alleantia and Boomi harnesses the power of data to provide the definitive solution to even the most complex navigation issues, resulting in operational cost savings.

On the application side, the Alleantia/Boomi integration enables Salesforce CRM to develop two ticketing applications for maintenance work and for spare parts sales as well as machine consumables.

Stefano Linari, Alleantia CEO & President

“The Alleantia IoT Connector will impact on any level of production optimization, offering a unique and unbelievably easy solution for digitalizing machines and business”, said Stefano Linari, CEO of Alleantia. “It will also open up new possibilities for the way OEMs and end-users will benefit from the data of their devices. Thanks to the Boomi™ AtomSphere Platform™, we create an innovative and distributed IoT orchestration system for data processing of devices and their fusion into key business systems to generate new analytical perspectives and automated workflows both on edge and in Cloud.”

Derek Thompson, Vice President EMEA, Boomi, said:

"Boomi and Alleantia share a vision of rapid deployment for tomorrow's digital enterprises, which increasingly rely on the Industrial Internet of Things”, said Derek Thompson, Vice President EMEA, Boomi. “Our collaboration services customers’ need for Plug&Play solutions that help them harness the power of their data while keeping full control of and visibility into their devices, systems, and the applications they connect to. This means that tomorrow’s enterprises will be able to harmonise the industrial IoT networks they rely on for mission-critical applications, and make the jump to

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