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Alleantia revolution: the beginnings

Dec 14, 2020 12:08:41 PM / by Alexander Vannas





Electronics are the undisputed backbone and are becoming the DNA of data and information collecting, sharing and processing. IIIoT&S is a fundamental, yet intangible component of “everything”, the "everything connected" Industry 4.0 chart being one corollary. The innovative plug & play strategy discussed hereafter underpins the necessary consumer-oriented implementation required to fulfil the 4.0 mandate – digital twin, monitored /controlled / assisted / autonomous ships – and effortlessly prepares the field for the 5.0 effort – full monitoring & control. Importantly, the Unique Business Values of the plug & play strategy reviewed herein benefit the industry overall: design, construction, repair, maintenance, operation refit, commercial and Navy.

From a mechanical standpoint, HIPERformance is inherently reliant on the performance of all components of a given system. The fastest hull will not make speed if propulsion components are not performing as intended in the various conditions they are meant to deliver the prescribed power in and if ship resistance is not quantified, all of that as accurately and exactly as possible.

Manufacturing of the ship, a moving object, must be executed "to a T" down to its smallest component if it is to stand a chance of delivering the prescribed performance. And, once afloat and loaded, it must operate as a perfectly tuned orchestra led by the Captain. The human's role is to make decisions supported by automation, decision which are to ensure the success of automation itself in achieving the required performance. It goes without saying that neither automation nor Captain can do much without accuracy and precision in both the monitoring and control of devices.


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Think tank for future shipping

Dec 9, 2020 4:46:29 PM / by Mr. Volker Bertram posted in IoT, IoT Solutions, Marine, Ships, Naval



"Technologies for Future Ships and Future Shipping" has been the theme of the 12th HiPER conference, advanced thinkers from research and industry met in Cortona, Italy, last October, to look into the crystal ball for our future. Alleantia was there too, together with the author of this article and organizer of the event.


By Volker Bertram


FOTO copia

The larger themes will come as no surprise to the industry: the future will be green(er) and smart(er). But let’s have a closer look ...


Green(er) shipping

The 2020 "sulphur cap" is old hat. Even the 2030 IMO carbon footprint goals fail to ex- cite me. We can reach them with the engineering technology and commonly discussed ideas. But IMO’s long-term zero carbon shipping goals will require us thinking out of the box. They will require ingenuity, entrepreneurship, and boldly challenging my generation’s common wisdom.

Looking at Hiper program, I am for once mildly optimistic. The practical dreamers and creative engineers have come forward, surprising even me with some of the ideas, most of them proven and matured to at least prototype stage. The small and medium enterprises see the challenges as opportunities, and one can only wish them God- speed.

"If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable" said Seneca. But since the goal is clear, the wind seems to be favorable for sustainable propulsion, most notably wind assisted propulsion. Uwe Hollenbach of DNV GL sees " Wind assisted Propulsion Systems as Key to Ultra Energy Efficient Ships«, and he is supported by several papers with variations on the theme.

Kites, rigid sails, or Flettner rotors? Only time and evolution will tell. Much depends on vendor prices, operational profiles and design constraints.


But one thing seems to be clear: if you combine your green sails with a smart routing soft- ware, you may double your savings. Green is the new smart; smart is the new green.


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Alleantia has its first US partner: welcome UrsaLeo!

Nov 17, 2020 10:27:55 AM / by Alleantia Guru posted in Digital Twin, IIoT, DigitalTransformation, Partnerhip, USA, innovation, 3d, ursaleo, Virtual Reality, virtualdigitaltwin




UrsaLeo and Alleantia Announce the Integration of 3D Photorealistic Digital Twin and Sensor Gateway Technologies.


Newly combined products give customers a complete end-to-end solution that supports more than 5000 industrial devices and delivers a complete digital control center  for Industry 4.0 operations

UrsaLeo, an enterprise software company that enables users to visualize operational data in a photorealistic 3D representation of their facility or product, and Alleantia, internationally known for its plug and play software for the Industrial Internet of Things, today announced the integration of 3D photorealistic digital twin and sensor gateway technologies. When combined, the two products offer industrial customers a complete end-to-end solution supporting more than 5000 industrial devices and delivering a complete digital control center for Industry 4.0 operations.


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Alleantia for AWS: discover the plugin

Oct 26, 2020 5:34:58 PM / by Alleantia Guru posted in Alleantia, AWS IoT, AMAZON, plugin



Alleantia launches its AWS IoT plugin.

Alleantia thus opens its platform for Industrial IoT completely Plug & Play to all users of Amazon Web Services (AWS), also allowing them access to the data of any industrial machine, device and plant and integration with all the countless possibilities of the world of AWS IoT.

The AWS plugin is among the new features of Alleantia ISC Software version 5.0.1 now available.

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Stratus and Alleantia become partners

Oct 22, 2020 12:44:23 PM / by Alleantia Guru posted in Alleantia, IoT, IIoT, Hardware, IoTprojects, GlobalPartners, piattaforme IOT, Alleantia ISC Software, IoT Solutions, stratus, Certified Partners, Internetofthings, faulttolerant



With Stratus Edge Computing solutions, Alleantia's Industrial IoT Plug & Play is now also available in Fault Tolerant and High Availability configurations.

Alleantia, a leading provider for the Industrial Internet of Things, enriches its IIoT offering by integrating Stratus' fault-tolerant and high-availability hardware platform ztC Edge into its certified hardware portfolio to help its customers acquire and analyze critical information and data, within Edge environments, even in the most extreme situations.


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TeleControllo 4.0: the remote control with IoT functionality

Sep 30, 2020 12:26:39 PM / by Alleantia Guru posted in IIoT, remote, industrial machines, controll, remoteaccess, alarms



An integrated remote control (telecontrollo) that provides every machine with countless IoT functions. Possible? Yes.

The latest product innovation at Alleantia is called TeleControllo 4.0: the safe solution, in IT terms, which allows you to remotely operate directly on the controllers (PLC, CNC, PAC) for technical assistance interventions and for the monitoring of assets, all while benefitting from the typical Industrial IoT interconnection functions of the Alleantia software edge.

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Call for Innovation “SARR”, Alleantia among the ten finalists

Sep 30, 2020 12:16:56 PM / by Alleantia Guru posted in Alleantia, IoT Solutions, waste, Award



Alleantia's project was selected among the best that responded to the Call for innovation “SARR - Advanced Solutions for Radioactive Waste”.

The Call was created to identify advanced solutions and technologies that contribute to the digitization of radioactive waste management processes and sustainable development.

The first phase of selection of the 10 best projects presented in response to Sogin's Call for Innovation “SARR - Advanced Solutions for Radioactive Waste”, carried out with the support of Digital Magics, has been completed.

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Alleantia with TimBusiness and Olivetti for the Smart Factory 4.0

Sep 30, 2020 12:13:24 PM / by Alleantia Guru posted in Alleantia, IIoT, Industry40, AUTOMOTIVE, IoT Solutions, Industrial



Smart Factory 4.0 is Olivetti solution for the Digital Transformation of the production processes of manufacturing SMEs. Created together with the Alleantia team and TIMBusiness, it reduces costs and increases the competitiveness and efficiency of production line programming.

Thanks to the Smart Factory 4.0 solution by Olivetti and Tim, of which the Alleantia ISC Software is an integral part.

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Alleantia at the virtual event Automation and Robotics 2020

Sep 25, 2020 4:33:37 PM / by Alleantia Guru



Alleantia debuts as the first IoT Integration platform at the virtual event "Automation and Robotics 2020".

Automation and Robotics 2020 is not just a simple Web Conference, but a 360° VIRTUAL PROJECT, with totally free access, structured in a way as to have different levels of involvement for both companies and participants.

The Integrated Automation magazine and the Tecniche Nuove publishing house have decided once more to propose the appointment with the world of robotics and automation for the year 2020, this time with an INNOVATIVE VIRTUAL CONFERENCE FORMULA lasting 90 days.

Visitors will be welcomed inside a virtual hall where all the stands will be visible. By clicking on the various logos you will enter the stand and by clicking on the different buttons you will have the chance to see exclusive content that will vary each month.

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Alleantia and Actyx: together for innovation

Aug 24, 2020 2:50:53 PM / by Alleantia Guru posted in Industry40, partners, IoTprojects, GlobalPartners, 2020, Coronavirus


The partnership is addressed to manufacturing companies to emerge from the stronger crisis and remain competitive internationally.




● The digitalization of the industrial sector is lagging behind: the Covid 19 crisis has revealed the technological, organizational and cultural gaps linked to the adoption of digital innovation in companies. Concerns about the high costs and long durations of the project prevent the process.

● Actyx simplifies digitization with a specially developed platform. In addition, the first app store for the sale of software for factory activities made by independent developers will follow

Thanks to the collaboration with Alleantia, Actyx can now offer a first standard app on its platform. An important step to create the software solutions marketplace.

All of Europe is going through a time of difficulty and uncertainty due to COVID-19. To emerge from the stronger crisis and remain competitive internationally, manufacturing companies must now focus on digitization, says Achim Berg, president of Bitkom (German association of reference for ICT companies). So far, however, many companies have not started digitization projects, considering them complex and excessively expensive due to the long time required for their implementation. Hence the need for collaboration between Alleantia and Actyx.


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