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Alleantia, Cisco, Arcshields, AVC, BMB, and Innoarea - Industry 4.0 Ecosystem

Jan 29, 2024 2:49:08 PM / by Alleantia Guru


In MEA, Europe and North America, manufacturers share a common objective: avoiding downtime in their production lines and maintaining a competitive advantage through innovation while ensuring environmental sustainability.

As the solution integrator, Agile Value Consultants (AVC) emphasizes the importance of this Industry 4.0 Ecosystem in providing differentiated services in predictive maintenance, cybersecurity, OT/IT convergence, digital twins, RTLS, PPE, and environmental sustainability. We strongly believe that our customers can achieve the fastest ROI only through these collaborative ecosystems. This holds particularly true in the realm of business, where speed is paramount, and without it, irrelevance is guaranteed.

Curbing industrial challenges – mainly for manufacturing and the Oil and Gas sectors – in one stroke may seem a fantasy for business leaders.  Alleantia, Cisco, Arcshields, AVC, BMB, and Innoarea envisioned a holistic solution that addresses a suite of challenges that industries face. This integrated solution, which mirrors a profound understanding of industrial production stumbling blocks, enables manufacturers to overcome the underlying hazards that can threaten their businesses by hampering their production lines. It also enables manufacturers and Oil & Gas business decision-makers to embark on their sustainability journey. Moreover it addresses all facets of production from predictive maintenance to cybersecurity, and provides visualization in real-time through a digital twin that underscores the best of the AR and VR experience, all within a unified IoT ecosystem.

Discover Industry 4.0 Ecosystem


AVC, Alleantia's new innovation partner

Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, AVC serves as the convergence point for expertise and excellence, simplifying the adoption of the most complex technologies including IoT & AI, Network automation & Orchestration, and Service Providers. AVC's focus lies in building IoT ecosystems by strategically connecting the right dots and achieving more with less. 

AVC specializes in providing an Industry 4.0 ecosystem for manufacturing and Oil and Gas verticals, a road safety and congestion management Ecosystem and a construction Ecosystem for connected workers and Critical assets

AVC also offers solutions for crowd management, water waste management, and environmental sustainability with a focus on real-time detection and optimized response to wildfires, flash floods, and measuring the environmental impact of oil and gas activities on their neighborhoods.


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