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Discover the "Connected by Alleantia" at MECSPE 2023

Feb 28, 2023 11:58:06 AM / by Fabrizio Pozzato

Alleantia-mecspe_blog_engAlleantia, among the world leaders in plug & play software for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), will be exhibiting at MECSPE, March 29-31 in Bologna, Italy, with its IIoT solutions dedicated to machine builders and the digitization of industry.

Connected by Alleantia

Come discover at MECSPE how Alleantia's IIoT software makes possible the digital transformation of any industrial reality through the simplest and most powerful Industry 4.0 solution available today. Designed and built to offer scalability, reliability, and, above all, speed of deployment, Alleantia IIoT software enables every industrial company to realize its digitization to achieve maximum efficiency, thanks to a fast and rich integration between machines and applications, a wide ecosystem of certified Partners (application developers, system integrators, platforms) and strategic partnerships with the world's leading IT players. Through Alleantia software, machine data become true strategic assets for industrial companies.

Alleantia and Ascom: an alarm and workflow management suite

At the ASCOM booth, Hall 21 booth B20, learn how the industry has now entered a transformation phase in which digital technologies and practices related to worker mobility are integrated into industrial processes. Characterized by the fusion of the virtual world (Internet) and the real world (industrial plants), Industry 4.0 has become a key competitive advantage. This fourth industrial revolution has given birth to the "smart industry," bringing with it a wide range of innovations, advances, and growth in productivity and safety.

Alarm management (Alarm Management) is one of the hottest topics in plant automation and industrial maintenance. Ascom provides solutions for the industrial sector that aim to ensure quick and timely responses in critical situations. Ascom, provides solutions for the industrial sector that aim to ensure quick and timely responses in critical situations. This is made possible through the use of the Alleantia solution, which, with its Industrial IoT platform, allows it to interface with industrial machinery and collect all alarms issued. These alarms are then promptly communicated to the operator, ensuring a timely and prompt response to any emergency situations. Ascom's fast and efficient solution, called Ophelia, also allows a direct connection with the shopfloor, enabling real-time monitoring of production processes and more efficient management of critical issues. This system is designed to integrate seamlessly with industrial machinery and ensure a rapid and effective response in any situation.

MADE: Alleantia and Digit for ZTS: process digitization in metallurgy

Hear from key players Alleantia, MADE and ZTS how digitization of production processes offers numerous benefits to companies and organizations that adopt it. Find out on March 30 from 12 noon to 12:45 p.m. at the MADE booth, in the center of Hall 21 Digital Factory, how ZTS, an important Italian industrial reality in the metalworking sector, thanks to Alleantia, has discovered how digitization fosters greater agility and flexibility in production processes, as it allows them to adapt quickly to changes in the market and new customer needs. Increased efficiency and productivity: thanks to Alleantia's Industrial IoT platform, it automates processes and tasks, reducing lead times and increasing productivity.

We look forward to seeing you at MECSPE from March 29 to 31!



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Fabrizio Pozzato

Written by Fabrizio Pozzato