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EURIS GROUP becomes an ALLEANTIA certified partner

May 18, 2021 11:37:34 AM / by Alleantia Guru

Euris Group provides IT services and develops customized, innovative and high added value software solutions.  The core business, supporting the customer in identifying and managing cutting-edge solutions, translates into a verticalized offer line managed by specialist Business Units: ELEA is the B.U. which deals with IoT and Industry 4.0.

Many years of experience and service orientation, rooted in the corporate culture, have consolidated an approach and operational flexibility that are unique in the sector.
Euris Group now has more than 450 people, in constant growth, and six offices: Trieste, Milan, Bologna, Padua, Udine and Fiume. Honesty, responsibility, entrepreneurship, quality and clarity are the values that have always guided the company, which has been present in the IT market for more than 30 years.
Euris Group with the ELEA BU, a system integrator expert in the design and supply of supervision and control systems for industrial plants, is a certified partner of Alleantia.
The System Integrators deal with the study, development and proposal of "End to End" solutions for the use of data from industrial processes. Starting from the analysis of the customer's needs and the machines involved, they investigate the data that must be collected, identify the necessary sensors, the devices to be connected and define the IoT architecture based on the Alleantia IoT gateway that must be implemented. System Integrators Partners are the key to creating flexible, ready-to-use solutions suitable for any industrial context. Thanks also to their contribution, the Alleantia solution is now able to create scalable, reliable and future-proof Industry 4.0 projects.
The approaches and tools for integrating information systems are a fundamental step. This allows companies to implement new business methodologies in order to reduce time-to-market to face increasingly competitive scenarios.
Enterprise Level IOT for Industry 4.0, this is ELIOT4.0, which with its modularity accompanies the customer towards a digitalization of the factory. ELIOT4.0 is a Plant Management Platform that facilitates based on open source technologies and an open architecture following a "white box" approach,
Eliot 4.0 can be installed in the cloud or on-premise or hybrid and allows, in real time, to monitor the progress of production and the status of the machines in terms of availability, performance and quality. It allows you to receive alarms or notifications on your smartphone for certain conditions and events.
The introduction of Eliot 4.0 gives access to the tax incentives of the Industry 4.0 plan, allowing an affordable investment from all points of view. In fact, the return on investment is guaranteed quickly, thanks to multiple factors:
• improved production capacity
• elimination of waste
• reduction of manual activities
• prevent inefficiencies and possible failures

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