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Intac becomes an Alleantia certified partner

Mar 9, 2021 11:27:22 AM / by Alleantia Guru


INTAC, a system integrator expert in the design and supply of supervision and control systems for technological systems, in the civil and industrial sectors, is a certified partner of Alleantia

The System Integrators deal with the study, development and proposal of "End to End" solutions for the use of data from industrial processes.

Starting from the analysis of the customer's needs and the machines involved, they investigate the data that must be collected, identify the necessary sensors, the devices to be connected and define the IoT architecture based on the Alleantia IoT gateway that must be implemented.

System Integrators Partners are the key to creating flexible, ready-to-use solutions suitable for any industrial context. Thanks also to their contribution, the Alleantia solution is now able to create scalable, reliable and future-proof Industry 4.0 projects.

The approaches and tools for integrating information systems are a fundamental step. This allows companies to implement new business methodologies in order to reduce time-to-market to face increasingly competitive scenarios.

The INTACLOUD platform, connected by Alleantia: the APP Store of the smart factory

Digital transformation takes place with the implementation of a cloud-ready platform. INTACLOUD becomes the factory APP store: it enables the interconnection between man-machine systems and processes, controls assets and plants and connects them in a single network.

Integrated: It is a suite of IoT apps and solutions, which can be integrated with BMS or SCADA systems and company software (CRM, ERP, etc).

It generates value quickly and economically, because, thanks to real-time data, it improves management, maintenance, plant efficiency, as well as the quality and speed of the machines. View, analyze and monitor all data of business systems (legacy software, processes, machines). The data becomes information for the reduction of maintenance and production operating costs.

This is to increase the efficiency of processes, productivity and the quality of people's work. With the new applications, accessible with web apps and smart devices, you can work on the move. Every real phenomenon, such as downtime or maintenance, is described and classified using mobile devices directly in the field.

 "The interconnection between man-machine systems and processes is very useful for managing the production cycle. Intac is certainly a very valid partner that makes our offer even more competitive and complete ”- declared Antonio Conati Barbaro COO of Alleantia.

Thanks to the joint use of INTACLOUD smart apps and Alleantia technology, data can be taken directly from machines and industrial assets, as well as from applications already in use in the company. In this way, the highest levels of accuracy and availability of information are achieved and the return on investment of production plants throughout their life cycle is improved.

The immediate advantage is to become aware of the operation of your plant and to be able to evaluate the margins for improvement thanks to the real-time analysis of performance indicators.

 “Our job as a system integrator is to create intelligent environments, transforming buildings, plants and factories into open and connected ecosystems.

INTAC's partnership with Alleantia is an extra gear in creating digital transformation paths and generating value in a fast and measurable way ”said Alessandro Carloni CEO of INTAC.


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