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What is an Industrial IoT gateway?

Feb 7, 2022 12:09:02 PM / by Fabrizio Pozzato

iiot-gatewayToday's market offers several tools to connect various industrial devices. Among these are  industrial IoT gateways.

Thanks to IIoT gateway, the integration of all devices and machines to the network allows to collect, integrate and share data in a profitably and functionally.

In this way it will be possible to carry out any industrial activity in a more cost-effective way and remain competitive in an increasingly competitive market.

Main benefits of Industrial IoT gateway

Among the main advantages for companies there are:

  • increase productivity,
  • improve the relationship with their customers and suppliers,
  • guarantee the safety of employees,
  • monitor the conditions of warehouses and inventories,
  • drastically reduce operating costs, against an investment that will not fail to prove to be rich in benefits.

Industrial connectivity solutions are therefore critical to the industry's technological modernization journey.

Industrial gateway or protocol converter. What is?

A gateway is a network device that functions as an entry point between one network and another.

It is necessary to consider that the communication of a network is physically and technically limited by the boundaries of the network itself: therefore, if - as it happens all the time - you need to communicate with devices, nodes or networks outside your network, it is necessary to have a gateway available.

Therefore, when one network wishes to communicate with another, the data is passed to the gateway and then routed to its destination via the most efficient route.

The problem is that it may be possible that the networks do not speak the same language or do not use the same communication protocol: the main task of the gateway, precisely because it is the point of interchange between networks, is to perform a translation of the different communication protocols and data formats that may be very different from each other.

Put in other terms, gateways are network protocol converters, capable of joining two networks so that devices on one network can communicate with those on another.

Main Applications of an IIoT gateway

The most common use is as a bridge between two controllers of different brands: the gateway provides a solution that requires no programming, no commissioning and no maintenance. An extremely simple solution.

The IoT gateway is a physical device or software that serves as an interconnection point between the cloud and various industrial devices. All data moving through the IoT gateway - thanks to it, you can turn data into practical information with secure connectivity and uninterrupted performance, so you can harness the full power and make your business fly.

At its most basic level, the IoT gateway facilitates connections between different data sources and different destinations. IoT gateways are emerging as an essential component for building robust IoT networks and increasing computing power under various scenarios such as Edge computing.

The perfect IIoT gateway for industrial automation? The Alleantia one!

Alleantia is the key element of your digital transformation: IT and OT convergence, from today, will be easier.

Only Alleantia's IoT gateway gives you a Plug&Play solution with an IoT library of more than 5,000 drivers for your OT data collection, data integration and centralized management in a single platform, making it the world's most comprehensive Industrial IoT Edge solution. From OEE optimization to predictive maintenance to monitoring various assets, Alleantia puts data, an indispensable element of your competitiveness, in the hands of your company's decision-makers.

The Alleantia IoT gateway makes available the complete data of the machines and of the entire production process, thus allowing the analysis of various KPIs and pre-built dashboards.

Alleantia is Plug&Play, and allows you to be up and running immediately even in complex industrial environments. The library, which contains more than 5000 drivers, is ready to be used immediately: without a line of code.

These are the basic requirements for an IoT solution: fast to deploy, easy to scale and use in compliance with the most stringent cyber security requirements.

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Fabrizio Pozzato

Written by Fabrizio Pozzato